Deo Muhumuza and Saul Ampeire were our two guides. Deo organized the trip for us and Saul was the driver. Both are Uganda Safari Guides and birding specialists. These two exhibited amazing bird-spotting skills but were also spirited dynamic leaders. 

Travelling with them was an unparalleled learning experience, not only about Uganda's amazing birds including the Shoebill, the apparition of the papyrus swamps, the Martial Eagle in its military garb, the forest dominion of the Great Blue Turaco with its raucous calls and behavior, the legendary Green-breasted Pitta, the Semiliki Hornbills found nowhere else in Uganda such as the Black-Casqued Wattled and the White-Crested, Twinspots and Flufftails (called in with Saul's whistle), but one day devoted to Mountain Gorilla trekking which was an amazing counterpoint to 14 days of dedicated birding. Deo is an amazing organizer. The accomodations he lined up were affordable and excellent. He is 31 years old and speaks 9 languages. Since English is the official language of Uganda, virtually all of the signage is in this language. These two have bounding enthusiasm, the country can be grateful for Deo and Saul. Try to line up both of them, they compliment each other beautifully.

Bruce Greenfield, MD and Ulla Allyn Santa Fe, NM, USA.