Also known as Stierling's Barred Warbler; this interesting species was first recorded in Lake Mburo National park by site guides in 2009.

Miombo wren warbler near Lake mburo National parkUntill of recent, a very good sighting of the bird was made by Deo Muhumuza while on one of his July group departures. The bird song was recorded and the first ever picture of the bird taken. More interesting to that is that the bird was found about three miles away from the park border in a village, along Sanga - mburo national park road. the bird was photographed on 5th of July 2015, and later seen again by Deo with another group of birders in September later that year.

There is a lot to desire in birding spots outside protected areas /national parks. you only need to get the perfect guide. On our biridng journeys, we normally encounter up to 10% of sought-after birds in some locations outside national parks