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News coming to our attention is that, one Colin Groves, a Professor of Biological Anthropology at The Australian National University in Canberra whose research interests are mainly human evolution and primates, upgraded the Ugandan population of the used to be known as the Grey-cheeked mangabey (Lophocebus albigena) to a new species of old monkey, Uganda Mangabey (Lephocebus ugandae) only found in Uganda's Mabira central forest reserve.

This was after discovering that this species is much smaller than the grey-cheeked mangabey, with a shorter skull and a  smaller face.

Ugandan endemic - The Uganda Mangabey, the species of old monkey only found in Uganda in Mabira central forest reserve














This was confirmed on the Feb 16th 2007. This comes at a time when the said habitat of the species is under-threat by the Ugandan government's proposal to give away the forest to private investors for sugarcane growing. A large chunk of the forest has been encroached by the local people harvesting wood for charcoal burning. The National forestry Authority, a body responsible for managing the forest and its resources is one of the worst performing sectors in Uganda's economy. They have instead resorted to selling timber instead of planning efforts to save the few remaining trees and the other vegetation and animals in the forests.

Tour operators in Uganda are planning to develop packages selling Uganda Mangabey tracking as a new tourist product on the market in order to raise awareness and bring to the attention to our local people, the governments and the international community about this endangered species.

Uganda is known to be one of the world's biosphere reserves, with a few endemic plants, one endemic bird species (Fox's weaver - whose status is not clear at the moment), now the Ugandan mangabey, which may face extinction in the near future. Our government is too slow in recognising such natural resources that may add value to the country's tourism potential as well as Biodiversity and ecosystems Conservation services. The non-governmental organisations that are responsible for creating environmental and nature conservation awareness amongst our populations and the international community are not doing their best.

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