Culture & Natural History of Uganda


This outstanding natural history and culturally-oriented safari was designed to provide a grand overview of the wonders of Uganda, offering travelers a chance to experience the full spectrum of its fascinating diversity.

Experience one of Uganda’s most important and renowned destinations on this exciting tour - The Bwindi Impenetrable national park; a foremost natural history destination offering visitors the chance to watch and photograph unique species of wildlife like the endangered mountain gorillas and albertine rift endemic species of birds. "Observe gorilla behaviours not normally seen including courtship rituals, nest building and the nursing of the young!"

Uganda culture - the Buganda culture

The tour

You will start with Entebbe International Airport – Uganda’s only gateway that ushers you along the Papyrus fringed Lake Victoria. Historically, on day of 4th July 1976 during President Idi Amin reign in Uganda, Israeli commandos rescued 100 hostages, mostly Israelis or Jews, who were held by pro-Palestinian hijackers at Entebbe Airport in Uganda.

From the airport, our first tour will be at the Kigungu fishing village / landing site on the shores of Lake Victoria, a point where the first Christian missionaries entered Uganda in 1879. Continue to a point where these missionaries camped and left there a peg that grew into a big tree which is still standing up to today.

While in the central, we will rake through historical sites of Uganda’s capital city Kampala including the independence monument, Fort Lugard, the east Africa’s oldest museum, Baha’i Temple - a spiritual home to the continent’s Baha’i adherents to a rather obscure faith founded by the Persian mystic Baha’u’llah in the 1850's, the only place of worship of its kind in the entire Africa; Kasubi tombs – UNESCO’s world Heritage site and the Uganda martyrs shrine Namugongo.

Leaving the central, we drive up to Fort Portal area (town discovered by Sir Gerald Portal) - an area of volcanic significance. Here we shall start by touring the stalactites and stalagmites and then the royal palace of the king of Toro kingdom, the youngest ever crowned king in the whole world. We shall do chimp tracking in Kibale forest as we enjoy an array of other primate and bird species in this forest.

After here, a short drive brings us to Africa’s most diverse national conservation area – the Queen Elizabeth National Park where we shall tour one of the salt mining lakes, take a launch cruise along the famous Kazinga channel as we watch the abundant wildlife in the park.

Our adventure becomes more fascinating when we later transfer to the Bwindi Impenetrable national park for the world's endangered mountain gorillas where you will be in for a treat of a ‘once in a life time’ activity, gorilla tracking. It is rather beyond human imagination to stare into the eyes of these great apes at the closest distance possible as they wary a glance humans' surprise visit in their natural habitat. We shall too be introduced to the lifestyle and culture of the Batwa pygmies as we visit their homesteads around Buhoma. Next, we shall transfer to Kisoro town meet with Bafumbira crafts women in the market town, and explore the archaeology site (Garama Cave) of the Batwa in Mugahinga National Park. We then have one day to explore and contemplate the life of the Batwa in that cave.

From Kisoro we return to Kampala and later head to Murchison Falls National Park - famous for the Murchison falls where the Nile River if forced into a 6.7 m gap to form the most powerful water flow on earth. We will spend 3 days exploring the treasures of

this park and later take a tour to the untapped and Uganda’s best kept secret, the Karamoja region. This area hosts the most scenic park in Africa, the Kidepo Valley National park. As we enjoy its captivating scenery and unique wildlife, we will also tour the homesteads of the formally known hostile tribe in the entire sub-Saharan African, the Manyattas. Our adventure concludes with an entertainment night of the splendid Ndere troupe back in Kampala showcasing the dances of over 40 traditional tribes in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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