Classic Ecotravel Experiences

Welcome to Uganda Eco Tours - a nature and cultural safaris company locally based and operating only in Uganda by local Ugandans. Our Tours are specially designed for travelers especially ecotourists who enjoy spending their holidays exploring the most remote, untapped cultural and natural treasures of the world.

The places we take you to have been carefully selected; amongst them are fragile ecosystems manged by vulnerable and marginalized communities in Uganda

Our Ecotour packages are well researched by our committed team with over 25 years of combined experience. The prices are competitive, adapted to suit your interests, budget and other requirements. We pride ourselves for being among the first travel providers in Uganda to hold and abide by the eco-principles.

Our tour leaders, with the help of a superb network of on-site guides, dedicate their time to offer you unequaled service. They are among the best in Uganda with extensive knowledge of all the species and their ecosystems including macro and micro habitats. They include the best ornithologists, cultural enthusiasts, experienced tour driver guides, and general nature lovers who have developed their knowledge base through research and exposure to the world of tourism.

Featured Eco Tours

Luxury Eco Adventure Holiday in Uganda

Takes you to exotic locations for top-rate tourist attractions, with first class ground handing while staying in the most luxurious ecologes in Uganda.

Sightseeing & Nature Photography Tour

(The western Uganda Circuit plus an optional north-eastern Uganda safari extension). Activities here will include Game Drives, Launch Cruise, Hill Climbing, Waterfall and nature walks, Crater Lakes and cave exploration...

Culture & Natural History of Uganda

A visit to Uganda’s historical, religious, archaeological sites, cultural and natural areas. This tour includes a few wildlife encounters.

Eco Camping, Wildlife & Cultural Safari

Includes wildlife viewing, primates tracking, Community and Cultural tours, and sightseeing. This is a camping safari that is ideal for adventurous and budget travellers.

Special Offers

Family Adventure Holiday in Uganda

Family Adventure Holiday in Uganda

This trip has been designed and tailored to provide ample time for kids to play and relax...

Uganda Birding Tour

Uganda Birding Tour

This Safari is specifically designed for birders who are interested in tracking mountain g...

Uganda Hot Eco Topics

Birding in Uganda

Birding in Uganda

Uganda has for a very long time earned and maintained a status as being the most diverse a...

Ecotourism in Uganda

Ecotourism in Uganda

Uganda Eco Tours defines Ecotourism as "that form of travel that involves travelling to n...

Voluntourism in Uganda

Voluntourism in Uganda

Popularly regarded as Volunteer Travel, Voluntourism is a recent form of tourism which inv...





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