Sightseeing & Nature Photography Tour

Uganda Eco Tours - sightseeing and nature / wildlife photograpy

(The western Uganda Circuit plus an optional north-eastern Uganda safari extension). Activities here will include Game Drives, Launch Cruise, Hill Climbing, Waterfall and nature walks, Crater Lakes and cave exploration, Gorilla tracking, village walks, photography, and sightseeing.


This tour covers south western Uganda scenic areas including the UNESCO’s world heritage site, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; Queen Elizabeth national park, Mgahinga Mountain National Park, Kisoro and Kabale Villages and other natural areas. It also includes the Fort Portal Crater Zone; Bunyaruguru Crater Zone; and an optional extension to the Karamoja region. Activities here will include Game Drives, Launch Cruise, Hill Climbing, Waterfall and nature walks, Crater Lake and cave exploration, Gorilla tracking, and village walks. This safari is available all year round.

Kabale & Kisoro areas

The extreme south-western corner of Uganda is unsurpassed in terms of biodiversity and scenic beauty. Highland Tropical Rainforests and wetlands meet cloud and mountainous landscapes; and flanking to this astounding array of natural habitats lies the artistic farmlands and villages of the local inhabitants providing very good photographic opportunities.

Sightseeing and nature photography in Uganda

Nature hikes and excursions in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga mountains, offer great opportunities to learn about the complex symbiotic relationships in a prime rainforests and observe a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

Interacting with the marginalised tribal group, Batwa – pygmies who are traditionally hunter gatherers, as they tell stories of their past, is a memorable experience! The area is a peaceful, relaxed setting nestled among fertile rolling hills, where we freely chat with artists, wood sculptors, weavers and farmers especially at Buhoma.

Karamoja region

Karamoja region, popularly known as Uganda land of warrior namads and agro-pastrolists, is an arid expanse of savannah and bush forming the northeast edge of Uganda where it borders with Kenya and Sudan, with Ethiopia not far off. The area is inhabited by the Karamojong, a group of people largely distinct geographically and culturally from the rest of Uganda. Most importantly, Karamoja hosts Uganda’s most remote and spectacular nature reserve, Kidepo valley national park – a park of stunning beauty and pristine wilderness. Any visitor who makes an expedition to the park must be captivated by the unique beauty of the landscape and significantly impressed with the abundance and diversity of local wildlife.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bunyaruguru and Fort Portal crater zone

Queen Elizabeth National park is one of the most arrestingly beautiful destinations in the whole world! Rolling hills and valleys caress the savannah plains, speckled with acacia woodland before soaring inland to explosion craters, some with pure water lakes. The Launch Cruise along the famous Kazinga Channel, the Crater Lake drive and a nature walk to the Kyambura gorge and the blue lake, are the most thrilling experiences in this park. Our Kazinga channel launch cruise is the most luxurious in the western Uganda, plying these waters with comfort, elegance and attentive service, affording superb wildlife viewing from your observation deck, is far much re-assuring!

In the vicinity are free-standing snow-capped Rwenzori mountain ranges; quaint Bunyaruguru green farms and villages, whose charming residents are descendants of Buganda immigrants. The area is carved out of dense, tropical rainforests and hilly landscapes of the fertile volcanic soils dotted with numerous cup-shaped, serpentine-shaped crater lakes, glazed in different colours including blue, green, black and transparent. These dazzling Bunyaruguru craters embrace tracts of massive volcanic upheavals with inferred Holocene eruptions that occurred about 5000 years ago.

The fort portal area craters and hills are a continuum of the Bunyaruguru crater field extension. Crater-Lake-Exploration: Bunyaruguru-Craters

All of this is showcased in Uganda’s untapped prime tourist destinations - Bunyaruguru Crater zone, aptly referred to as “the Pearl of Uganda”; Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks of south western Uganda and the surrounding villages; and the extreme north-eastern corner of Uganda.

This first-class vacation is ideal for families, couples and individuals, travel writers, nature photographers and film makers. Active days are complimented by comfy nights at some of the area’s finest hotels and lodges with an African panache, strategically located to optimise excellent panoramic views of the country side and other natural areas, gourmet meals and congenial local hosts; wonderful and comfortable transportation in a 4×4 customised tourist vehicle with open roof hatches; and a knowledgeable Ugandan field guide with the help of a stupendous network of on-site guides.